NooJ 2020

Zagreb, 05 - 07 June 2020
Virtual Conference

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The conference was hosted from Zagreb, 05 - 07 June 2020.

As the University of Zagreb cannot host a real-life conference due to the COVID19 crisis, we have organized a virtual conference this year. We have used the Zoom live-streaming platform that allowed us to hear each other's presentation in real time.

NooJ is a linguistic development environment software as well as a corpus processor. NooJ provides linguists with tools to develop dictionaries, Regular Grammars, Context-Free Grammars, Context-Sensitive Grammars, and Unrestricted Grammars as well as their graphical equivalents to formalize each linguistic phenomenon. NooJ’s multi-layer approach allows linguists to accumulate elementary descriptions across different linguistic levels.

NooJ is used in the Digital Humanities as it allows researchers in the Humanities and in Social sciences to apply sophisticated queries to large corpora in real time, in order to construct indices and concordances, annotate texts automatically and perform statistical analyses, etc.

NooJ’s linguistic engine has been inserted into a large number of NLP applications such as automatic semantic annotators, Named Entities Recognizers, Information extractors, Paraphrase Generation, Business Intelligence, Machine Translation, Web Semantics, etc.

One NooJ To Go, please!

NooJ v5.0 is a free, open source software promoted by the METASHARE European programme and protected by a GPL restricted license: Academic Only, Non Commercial Use Only. It can be downloaded free of charge for the Windows users and Max, LINUX and UNIX users.

There are over 20 linguistic modules that can already be freely downloaded for NooJ, as well as its manual, references, video tutorials in Arabic, Belarusian, Croatian, English, Italian and Spanish, etc.